Development Projects

ObjectVista provides turn-key software development services. Whatever your needs, we provide a complete software development lifecycle solution, carrying projects from inception and elaboration on to construction and transition.

The following is a summary of some projects ObjectVista has completed:

  • Developed a web-based product catalog application for a local firm selling loading dock equipment. Integrated the database application with the work of a graphics designer to create dynamic JSP pages that are easy to update. The application provides search, display, and update of product information, sales territories, and employees. Used Java, Struts, JSP, JSTL (Java Standard Tag Library), NetBeans IDE, Tomcat, CCS, JDBC, JNDI, and MySQL.
  • Enhanced a Perl web survey application for a marketing research firm. Created a rule language interpreter to drive dynamic survey content.
  • Developed custom enhancements for a JEE digital asset management application to be used by the marketing organization of Western Union. Used Java, servlets, JSP, Ant, CheckStyle, JUnit, PMD, CSS, Tomcat, Oracle, JavaMail, and NetBeans.